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This is my final study work in graphic design at ESA Saint-Luc Liège.

When I start a new graphic work I always prefer to look after some inspiration in a book instead of on the Internet. But these kind of books (graphic design, decoration, fashion, culture, …) are almost all of the time really expensive and sadly, I don’t have a lot of money to buy these books (and I’m probably not the only one). This is why I decided to create a new and cheaper version of a real book so that everybody could have access to that kind of article.

The book that I used is from "Monocle magazine" ; a global affairs and lifestyle magazine founded by Tyler Brûlé (founder of Wallpaper magazine). The book is called "The Monocle guide to better living".

When we buy a book, there are always some themes or articles that we are not interested in but we still have to pay for these pages if we want the book. This is why I divided the book in 3 parts. Each book is called by a different name from each other : The Wise One, The Ambitious One, The Active One. By doing so, the buyer can identify himself to a book or one of the others depending on what he’s interested in.

the wise one
the ambitious one
the active one

What I also wanted to do was to show that we don’t need a great quality of paper or a really good quality of print to understand what the article talks about and to properly see the pictures. I used a 230 g/m2 paper for the covers and a 52 g/m2 for the inside pages (color close from a newspaper). For every book I used one color to distinguish one from the other. But for the pictures, I had to keep the quadrichromy. This is why I just used the main color of the book for some parts of the pictures to create an effect as if it was badly printed.

- I didn't earn any money and the books where not published, it was just a school work.